Tom Clancy’s The Division Update 1.2 adds New Incursion, Gear, and More

Ubisoft Massive is getting ready to deploy Update 1.2 for Tom Clancy’s The Division, and its adding a bundle of new content.

A second Incursion (essentially a Raid) will drop with the update. Titled Clear Sky, the Incursion pits players against the Rikers who have commandeered a formerly LMB-controlled anti-aircraft weapon site. They essentially control New York’s airspace, and the government can’t allow that to continue. Those who complete the Incursion will acquire some of the best gear and loot in the game.

1.2 also adds High-Value-Targets (HVT) . Players can meet the new HVT officer inside the base of operations to acquire a list of targets layered throughout the city. These targets will drop some pretty good gear. However, you’ll only have a limited amount of time and only one change to take down these targets. Fail and you won’t see them again.

The Dark Zone will also see some changes that aim to make the experience more intense then it already is. Players not have the ability to hijack loot while its being extracted. A sneaky player can now waltz right up to the rope carrying the loot, cut it down, and make off with all the loot. This is sure to raise the intensity of the Dark Zone, but I’m sure most players would rather Ubisoft fix the game’s massive cheater problem before implementing this new mechanic.

Finally, 1.2 will add a ton of new gear sets for players to collect. Update 1.2 hits Tom Clancy’s The Division on May 24. The game is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.