Undead Darlings Returns to Kickstarter

Undead Darlings ~no cure for love~ looked to be an exciting new indie entrant into the dungeon crawling and visual novel scene when it was announced last year. Unfortunately, the Kickstarter campaign didn’t meet their goal. Mr. Tired Media did not give up, however, and have continued working on the project.

Now, it’s finally time for Undead Darlings to come back to life publicly, as a new Kickstarter campaign has just launched. The goal has been lowered by $5,000, making the new funding value $45,000.

Those interested in this romantic dungeon crawler can nab a copy (for Windows, Mac, or Linux) at the $13 early bird tier. If that runs out by the time you see this, then you’ll just need to spend $18 instead. $2 additional bucks on top of that unlocks access to a PS4 copy, if you’d rather play on consoles.

On day one the Undead Darlings Kickstarter is already generating a good deal of buzz. Here’s hoping their second crowdfunding effort yields far greater results, as we definitely want to see the game come to fruition.