You’ll Never Lose LP from AFKs Again with /Remake

Riot is finally rolling out something to deal with games that start with an AFK member.

Here’s how the new command will work:

  • Before the three minute mark if anyone on your team has been flagged AFK or dc’d and there hasn’t been a first blood the afflicted team will be prompted to /remake.
  • Everyone on the team has one minute to vote by typing in the command, much like /ff or /nosurrender.
  • The vote only needs two members of the team for the match to be ended.
  • Everyone connected to the game leaves like nothing ever happened. You don’t gain anything or lose anything and the match is never recorded.
  • The dc’d player(s) do, however, take a full loss of LP/drop a promo game and are flagged by the Lever Buster program and possibly banned.
  • If you’re above Diamond V and the offending member is part of your premade you will also suffer the consequences along with them to “protect competitive integrity.” Riot will keep an eye on this rule to see if it needs to extend to the lower ranks.

This isn’t perfect, but it’s nice considering nobody likes to start out a man down. A major problem is if someone in your group dies from an invade or bad play before the AFKĀ check takes place. Then what happens? Regardless having something in place will be nice.

/Remake will first roll out in NA during patch 6.11. From there if things go well it’ll extend to the other regions. If you have any other questions about it you can see the FAQ here.