Asiasoft Confirms Tales Runner Passes 100,000 ‘Concurrent’ Players

MMO PC title Tales Runner has passed more than 100,000 “concurrent” players since its launch, Asiasoft has revealed today.

PlayPark, a gaming portal for Asiasoft, was used to launch Tales Runner in Thailand last month, as well as allowing players to access their accounts via Play ID, Facebook or a Google Account.

Asiasoft has said that in an attempt to move more people towards its PlayPark service, it has “prepared an exclusive package for existing Tales Runners.”

Switching from an existing Tales Runner ID to one of PlayPark’s sign-in options will reward players with 30,000 in-game cash and twenty to thirty percent discounts on items in the title.

Tales Runner owners will also be receiving a brand-new map, The Horror Park, through the service provided by PlayPark, Asiasoft revealed in its press release.

Following on from its initial release in 2005, Tales Runner has had its servers pop up in other countries, including the U.S. (now defunct), China and Japan.