Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus Coming To Steam

Admittedly, there were 3DS titles in Tamsoft’s Senran Kagura series, but the games have really made their home on the PlayStation platforms. The most recent entry, Estival Versuslaunched on PS4 and Vita. They are great games, and the Sony’s platforms have been good to the series, but they really could benefit from the exposure that comes from hitting other platforms. XSEED seems to think so, as the previously Vita exclusive title, Shinovi Versus, will be launching for Steam on June 1. As an action title centered around female ninja’s literally beating the clothes off each other, this is a good fit.

XSEED isn’t content with a straight port of the title, either. This edition promises some enhancements. The most notable will be the touched up textures so that the title will look better in HD, as well as a solid 60 frames per second. This alone will raise the acrobatic action to new heights over the Vita version. All of the previously released DLC will be included in this version, as well. The catch there is that they will need to be unlocked through play. It will probably be easier to find an online match in this edition, too. As this is set to launch for thirty dollars, which is ten less than a new Vita copy still runs, this version looks to be the one to get for new and existing fans alike.