Battleborn Characters Receive Overview Trailers

In the midst of all this hero shooter back and forth, Battleborn by Gearbox Software has become a worthy game to pick up and one we thoroughly enjoyed playing. Despite a loyalty of fans elsewhere, this recent release has gained a huge following for its humor and fun gameplay. Today, Gearbox released trailers for a couple of characters.

Ghalt is a former engineering chief and all-around badass. This video shows off a variety of his skills starting with his Revolver Shotgun to deal heavy damage at close range. He whips out a The Hook which latches on to an enemy in order to pull them in close to be finished off. Ghalt has Scraptraps which are proximity mines that will stun an opponent before exploding. Then, go in guns blazing with the Dual Wield technique allowing him to equip a second shotgun. Watch the one man army below.

Also released today was an overview trailer for Kleese, the old man in a super powered hovering chair. Well, he may appear like a frail guy but he sure has tons of tricks up his sleeves. Kleese contains a Wrist Cannon to inflict continuous damage. He uses a Shock Taser to reduce enemy shields and harm them at the same time. His chair launches Energy Mortars to explode from a distance. Kleese can also surround teammates with Energy Rift which┬árepairs ally shields while causing damage to enemies in the vicinity. Then, he finishes off opponents using Black Hole which defies gravity by pulling others in before inflicting tons of damage. Don’t be fooled by this old guy, take a look at his skills below.