Splatoon amiibo Diorama Kits Coming Soon

Showing off any collection is fun especially if you are using the right display. Nintendo has revealed two brand new diorama scenes for Splatoon fans to house their amiibo figures.

Pre-orders are open now for the live performance set piece specifically tailored to Callie and Marie as they sing and dance at their concerts. You can also check out the Kelp Dome stage set that has a built-in ramp and grate for your Inklings to duke it out.

These can be folded and put away but easily pops back up when you want. They even have a cut out in the back to place a 3DS or smartphone so its screen can be seen and add more to the background. You also receive stickers to decorate the rest of the background pieces.

More information and other diorama sets can be seen on the official website. Check out some images of the items below: