World of Tanks Update 9.15 Goes Live, Introduces Long-Awaited Changes

Wargaming has brought a pack of community-requested changes to World of Tanks with Update 9.15, which is now live today in North America. The update introduces balance tweaks to tanks, as well as changes to UI and UX elements along with further physics and sound improvements—all of which have been implemented based on feedback the development team has received from players.

Evolution in World of Tanks is a gradual process, but thanks to our dedicated players, the development team has been able to incorporate elements that were in high demand with the community. The improved physics and sound, which were introduced last update are still being enhanced with the chances of tank toppling decreased and the damage taken from falling has been lowered..

“Work on Update 9.14 started with having a conversation with the players,” said Anton Pankov, World of Tanks Global Publishing Producer. “We connect with them on social media, our forums; speak to opinion leaders in the community and trial changes on test servers to get to the core of what people want. It’s invaluable, and from this we’re able to further polish features and mechanics.

“In the future, we’ll be addressing more player requests and introducing the sandbox: one of the biggest changes in World of Tanks history. We’ll be rebalancing every single tank in the game—a truly massive task and the players will be at the heart of this change. Feedback matters more than ever, and we’ll be in close communication with the community every step of the way with exciting news in the future.”

This update also adds UI and UX improvements including a number of popular mods that have been added to the client to make vehicle technical characteristics easier, manage Garage filters and more. Over the years players have modded the game for the greater benefit of the community and the World of Tanks Team has recreated these mods in game, making them safe for everyone to enjoy.

The features in 9.15 are all united by engine optimization, which enhances performance up to 30% and increases FPS stability. The development team is also working diligently to launch the new balance sandbox, and looking forward to everyone taking part and providing us with their feedback.