Wii U + amiibo Splatoon Combination Coming to Japan

On Splatoon’s one year anniversary, Nintendo announced a new combination pack for those who have yet to pick up the latest and greatest IP. Starting July 7, folks in Japan can pick up a white 32GB Wii U system with a digital version of the game. It will also come boxed with the brand new Callie and Marie amiibo figures. The total runs over 39,000 yen. Those in search of a new Wii U or are actually first time purchasers, should look into the offer. There is no word at this time if the offer will make its way to North America.

The official Twitter account also seems to reconfirm the new Inkling and Squid amiibo will only have aesthetic differences. A rough translation of the message mentions you will receive the same gear, mini games, and missions from the original versions. This means there will be no new content, at least from these three figures. But they should pair nicely with the newly announced amiibo diorama sets.