New World of Final Fantasy Screenshots Look Great

New images of Square Enix’s chibi grand adventure World of Final Fantasy released today showing their versions of Vivi, Undead Princess, Zona Seeker and more. Black Mage Vivi Ornitier, originating from Final Fantasy IX looks adorable in his chibi form and among a sea of other black mages while the Undead Princess original from spinoff Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles pulls off both a cute and terrifying demeanor. The Zona Seeker is a little more obscure, first appearing as an esper in Final Fantasy VI that casts Shell on the whole party and then reappearing as a hunt in Final Fantasy XIV. Other characters include Odin with a new spooky look, Final Fantasy X’s Yuna and new characters the mysterious Unknown, the deadly Deskar, and the imposing Black Armored Knight Brendires.

World of Final Fantasy looks to be shaping up as a decent looking game. Check out the screenshots in the gallery below. World of Final Fantasy releases for PlayStation 4 and Vita sometime this year.

More images can be found here.