‘Full Mojo Rampage’ Console Release Date Announced With Trailer

Indie game publisher Nicalis Inc. have announced that the roguelike action-RPG “Full Mojo Rampage” is finally coming to consoles with an official release date. Having been on PC since 2014, Full Mojo Rampage follows an apprentice of deities called Loa, who seeks strange and dark magic. The player character has access to abilities bestowed by the Loa, as well as an array of enchanted items called mojos. It can be a more cooperative roguelike, so players can team up with up to four other people to explore the randomly generated 3D environments, or face off against each other in Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, or King of Mojo competitive game types.

With the release date announcement comes a new trailer you can see below. Full Mojo Rampage is hitting PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 28.