Kickstarter Campaign Begins For Action RPG Moonlighter

A while back over at the Square Enix Collective, developers Digital Sun Games showed off their retro-inspired action RPG Moonlighter in the hopes of raising awareness and support for the game. And oh boy, did they get support. During the project’s feedback phase, a whopping ninety-five perfect of all people who voted on it said they would back the game through crowdfunding. Only one other game – the point-and-click adventure game Bear With Me – has achieved such a feat so far, making Moonlighter quite possibly the Collective’s most successful game.

And now, Moonlighter’s Kickstarter campaign has finally begun, and that success back at the Collective is paying off, with over twenty percent of the game’s $40,000 funding goal having been raised in just a few hours, and that number is constantly climbing as this is written.

As seen on the Kickstarter page and via the trailer below, it’s not hard to see why Moonlighter has been garnering praise, as the Zelda/Rogue Legacy/Recettear-inspired game looking absolutely gorgeous with its 16-bit-styled artwork. Throw in what looks to be some engaging strategy involving management between selling the loot you find and using the money earned to gain better equipment for exploring randomly-generated dungeons, a wide variety of weapons, armor, and techniques to choose from, a deep combat system, and some roguelike elements to spice things up all in the support of main character Will’s dreams to eventually become a hero, and you have a game with the potential to be one of the greats in the genre.

If you want to know more, or are already intrigued and want kelp contribute to Moonlighter’s funds, you can check out the full Kickstarter campign here. If successful, Moonlighter has as an estimated release date of early 2017, and is already shaping up to be one of that year’s most anticipated games.