Kobojo Announce Deck Building Match-3 ‘Primal Legends’

Mobile game developer and publisher Kobojo have announced Primal Legends. Meant to be a marriage of games like Hearthstone and Candy Crush Saga, Primal Legends is a turn-based strategy and deck building game made around the match-3 mechanic. The game features 150 levels and eight game modes. Players can unlock over fifty heroes and use them to battle other people in real-time PvP. Hero abilities range from direct damage to the opponent, healing, buffing, and assassination. Of course, reward chests will make an appearance here to provide a means of leveling up the heroes and improving the card synergy and strategies.

The story starts with the land of Theria, which was peaceful until the Stones of Power fell from the sky. The Stones of Power are inherently corrupting and evil and ruined all creatures in their path. The resulting chaos is what the player is up against. Through the cards and heroes, players assemble an army to restore order to Theria.

See the announcement trailer for Primal Legends below. Primal Legends is headed for iOS and Android.