Screenshot Saturday Featuring Shakedown Hawaii, ABZÛ, Eleven More

Screenshot Saturday is back!  Or rather, the Screenshot Saturday weekly Twitter-fest didn’t go anywhere but this feature disappeared for a bit, but that’s now a thing of the past.  Each week developers showcase what they’ve been up to, with hundreds of images and pictures featuring games big and small given the hashtag treatment.  This feature pulls twelve images (plus a bonus) from the pile based on a set of criteria that boil down to how well it caught my eye, with a preference for showcasing brand new games over ones that have shown up before.  There are a surprisingly large number of games out there that slip by the radar, and many of them are far more fun to see than the lack of coverage would indicate.  As usual, though, don’t forget to click on the blue arrows on just about all of the images, because most of these “screenshots” are all about the movement.

Shakedown Hawaii-  It’s not actually Retro City Rampage 2 but close enough.  Run through a 16-bit styled Hawaii taking on missions that don’t seem to have any limit on the potential for collateral damage to be rated a success.  Open-city games usually get pigeonholed into not-New York/LA (and sometimes Miami) so it will be good fun to tear through islands of Hawaii for a change.

Greedy Guns-  Run & gun starring a pair of mercenaries out to earn the biggest haul possible by blasting through a Metroidvania-style hostile planet filled with critters that pay off nicely when destroyed. In addition to a Metal Slug-style adventure with twin-stick aiming, the mercenaries also have a force shield that bounces enemies away, and this video shows what happens when the two players coordinate their efforts.

Reigns-  You are the king, and while it’s good to be the king, it’s also a dangerous job filled with unintended consequences.  Reigns puts you on the throne of a king who’s bound to be regretting a few of his choices, but you’ll have to make the tough calls and live with the results.  It doesn’t help that there’s no room for nuance in the decisions, and you choose by swiping left or right, no or yes, and hoping that no matter how silly the initial request it’s not the one that drops the kingdom into anarchy and you off the throne.

Havre-  Explore and awaken a world near death on the inside of a cylinder.  It’s a first-person adventure game, and that’s about all the info there is aside from the number of screens from today showing this same scene in different lighting situations.  Whatever Havre turns out to be, it promises to be architecturally fascinating.

HALT-  Run & gun platform shooter with fun spritework and enemy and level design that’s about as video-gamey as video games get.  Why wouldn’t water hang in the air to create sections you can swim up and jump out of, after all?  And everyone knows that things burst apart into revenge bullets and money when you shoot them.  That’s just how physics works.

Mare-  A young girl rides a clockwork bird in a VR adventure through the skies of a beautiful fantasy world.  Direction is controlled by looking, with the bird flying where you point it, going from one weather vane to the next.  There are also areas where you control the girl, although these look like they’re handled with the controller.  It’s still very early in development and details should be along eventually.

Mugsters-  Run around while viewing the action from high overhead, steal cars, cause all sorts of vehicular mayhem, and try not to get squished, fried, or mangled too badly by the many possible ways to get dead.  The low-poly world is high on physics and destruction, and if you can take advantage of that then maybe you won’t get rolled over by whatever that giant metal ball is.

Lumote-  Blocky 3D puzzle/platformer with a lovely neon style.  The world is dark but the cube creates light in a small area, and thumping the ground makes a large, if short-lived, ring of illumination.  The cube can also possess the creatures of the world, using their abilities to open the pathways to new areas.  With a little thought and a lot of manipulation, the darkness of the world can be navigated and illuminated.

Slime-san-  When Slime-san gets eaten by a giant worm there are only two possibilities to choose from- get dissolved in stomach acid or platform his way out of there.  Slime-san is a nicely weird twitch platformer that combines the fast pace of the jumping action with stranger moments, like getting a bowl of noodles in a town inside the worm.  There should always be time for noodles.

Make Sail-  Build a boat, survive the ocean.  Make Sail is an adventure at sea where you’ve got to find the parts necessary to survive the worst the ocean can throw at you.  So far it’s shown off storms and inconvenient rocks, plus slightly rough seas, but with any luck we’ll get to build a boat strong enough to survive a sea of rogue waves.

Inked-  3D puzzle platformer where you’ve been separated from your love by the person who drew you, and are absolutely determined to be reunited.  As a drawing, the journey is across paper, and everything is rendered in a style that looks like it was made with a ballpoint pen.  Different colored inks can create different items, and the world gets richer and more complicated as more color gets added to it.

ABZÛ-  Swim with the fishes in an underwater paradise at the heart of the ocean.  There’s a world of mysteries underneath the waves, and seeing as you’ve got flippers and oxygen tanks there’s no stopping you from finding its secrets and the beauty that happens along the way.

Bonus Image

Etch-A-Sketch-  Impressive, but maybe a little hard to play in anything other than ultra-slow motion.