Watch Dogs 2 Officially Announced, Out this November

Ubisoft and Ubisoft Montreal have officially announced Watch Dogs 2.

Watch Dogs 2 will take place in San Francisco and is the home of the Central Operating System (ctOS). As we suspected, Aiden Pearce is out as the main protagonist. Players will take on the role of Marcus Holloway, a young hacker from Oakland looking to fight back against ctOS with the help of hacker collective, DedSec. Marcus is a very skilled hacker and capable of hacking every mechanical or electronic thing in the game. New to Watch Dogs 2 is the ability to hack into cars and take direct control of them. In terms of combat, Marcus will have a variety of lethal and non-lethal options to handle any situation. Ubisoft Montreal have also confirmed that driving has been significantly improved over Watch Dogs.

Ubisoft Montreal is also taking great strides to give players more options in Watch Dogs 2. The ultimate goal is to attract more followers and put their resources and computing power into action and helping DedSec achieve its goals. How players accomplish this is completely up to them. Want to create chaos from a distance? Use a drone and create a distraction. Want to stay unseen? Yes, you can sneak around and take out enemies in silence. The missions will be completely open-ended.

Watch Dogs 2 will also¬†feature a sandbox narrative like never before. This San Francisco is populated with tons missions that each have their own storylines. Players will also be able to ignore them and complete side missions, or just explore the world. Anything you do will contribute to your follower count and inch you ever closer to the game’s ending.

A robust and seamless online experience will be included with Watch Dogs 2 that brings other hackers into your game. These will be no need for menus, loading screens, or other dividers that interrupt the main experience. Of course, you can initiate contact with those on your friend’s list, but you’ll also likely see some random players wandering around the world. Players will choose whether these encounters are competitive or cooperative. Note, you do not need to be online at all times to play Watch Dogs 2.

Watch Dogs 2 is out November 15 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.