The Copenhagen Wolves are No More

The founder of Copenhagen Wolves, Jakob Lund Kristensen, released a post announcing that the team was ceasing operations effective immediately.

The Danish eSport team Copenhagen Wolves have been around for a while, but it seems everyone at the top of the organisation is just too far removed to keep the team going. In his post Kristensen recants the days of old when eSports was a budding new thing. While he’s proud of those days he doesn’t make it sound like it was the best of times.

Kristensen owns up to the team’s failings, but wears them as a badge of pride. After all being one of the worst teams you’re going to take some lumps along the way. While he may not have time for the organisation anymore he does leave the door open for it to be bought so we could hear some good news in the coming days with everyone wanting to get a piece of the eSports pie.