Devil May Cry 5 Listed on Voice Actor’s Resume

The lower-than-expected sales figures (alongside the, arguably, critical feedback from some fans) to the 2013 reboot of the popular hack-and-slash series, Devil May Cry, has left many questioning whether an inevitable follow-up would continue DmC’s change in direction…or if Capcom would instead decide to let another one of their beloved IP’s fade into nothing. A return to the World and characters of the series previous has been discussed in many an online community¬†and we’ve just got yet another small hint of a suggestion that the Dante of yonder might be returning.

Devil May Cry 5 has recently been spotted on actor Nils Hognestad’s resume (via Actor’s Access) and if the added numeral is any suggestion — along with the lack of any kind of initials — it seems the rebooted DmC Universe might not be returning anytime soon. The inclusion of the Lead¬†emphasis seems to suggest Hognestad could be the new voice of Dante, but whether or not the Dante of previous will make a return or will in fact be the character from a different period of time — similar to the prequel setting to Devil May Cry 3 — remains unknown. We’ll have to wait and see if any kind of new Devil May Cry project (5 or otherwise) shows itself during Capcom’s showing at next week’s E3.