Gameplay of Upcoming First-Person Adventure Valley Unveiled

Developer Blue Isle Studios — whom previously worked on the unsettling Slender: The Arrival — have unveiled six minutes of gameplay to their new first-person adventure title, Valley. What might be considered the antithesis to a slew of physics-based platformers and community-dubbed “walking simulator” releases in recent years, Valley is an often trippy exploration title centred around the L.E.A.F. suit which allows your player-character to perform some quite gravity-defying and agile moves as well as bringing both plant and animal life back from the dead.

Alongside upgrading your suit throughout the game, Blue Isle have already stated that death will incur further consequence with the eponymous valley around you also dying as a result of your slip-up’s, though to what extend and detail this will be, remains unknown. Valley is set for release this summer for PC and consoles, though no specific date has been given. Check out the new gameplay below.