EU LCS Summer Split Week 2 Day 2 Predictions

The Bo2 system is surely going to make things interesting going forward. Unless there’s just a stark difference between the two teams I think we’ll more than likely be seeing more ties as things continue. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though. More games is always better, but in terms of play going forward it just makes determining the better team a little more interesting. Here are the standings after yesterday.

1. Fnatic, G2 Esports 7 pts

3. Splyce, H2K 5 pts

5. FC Schalke 04 4 pts

6. Unicorns of Love 3 pts

7. Roccat, Team Vitality 3 pts

9. Origen 1 pts

10. Giants 0 pts

Without a clear way of determining how to settle the seemingly inevitable ties of the split my W/L record is probably going to suffer. I’ll definitely be using that as my excuse going forward. Surprises of the day were Origen taking a game off of Team Vitality after losing Forg1ven and Roccat pulling out a tie against G2. Giants, while remaining in the LCS, still look like a rough team offering up free wins each week, but luckily they have UOL who had a rough outing yesterday. (Overall: 1-4)

  • Splyce vs G2 (0-2)
  • Team Vitality vs Roccat (1-1)
  • H2K vs Fnatic (1-1)
  • Giants vs UOL (0-2)
  • Schalke vs Origen (1-1)

Still not much for analysis going to happen here. It’s still early and teams are trying out some things to figure themselves out. That will change as things continue and I get a better read on what everyone is trying to do and who’s going to be a liability for their team. For now we’ll just watch some EU LCS and watch my W/L record plummet.

Feel free at all times to share your thoughts in the comments below. If you think I’m a bumbling idiot then say so, but at least provide why. More importantly if you have any readability issues or know of a better way to structure things feel free to drop a comment as well. Please if you can save me from counting ties as losses I would be super appreciative /cry.