NA LCS Summer Split Week 2 Day 1 Predictions

With the NA LCS doing Bo3s they’ve also added another day of matches. So, now instead of only getting two days of NA you get three even though they start far later than usual. Kicking things off today are Immortals against NRG and Apex against Team Envy and even though Immortals play Team SoloMid this weekend Riot has chosen their match against NRG as the match of the week. Here’s the standings after week one.

1. Immortals, Team Envy, Team SoloMid, Apex (2-0)

5. Echo Fox, Cloud 9 (1-1)

7. Phoenix1, Liquid, NRG Esports, Counter Logic Gaming (0-2)

That’s about as clumped as things will get after one week of matches. Newcomers to the LCS in Team Envy and Apex have jumped out to a great start winning both of their matches last week. Their joined by Immortals and last split runner-ups TSM. TSM took out last split’s champions and MSI runner-ups CLG in two straight games and then followed up by doing the same to Liquid. It’s a interesting that their match against fellow undefeated Immortals isn’t match of the week, but regardless it’ll be a good one. Unfortunately for the new teams one of their bids at an undefeated split has to come to an end as they’ll be facing off against each other. This is another match that could have taken the match of the week slot. Predicted winners are represented in bold. (No overall as of yet.)

  • NRG vs IMT
  • APX vs NV

Though they didn’t win last split Immortals are still a very good team and might be playing with a chip on their shoulders. TSM won their Bo3 match against them fair and square but Immortals have even admitted it themselves that they got a little to cocky after steamrolling everyone during the split. While they had no right to be considering their play only got worse as the split went on, they still entered the playoffs only dropping one match. Now it’s their chance at redemption and they’ve started out well. NRG have a whole new squad to get used to before things really start kicking off for them. They’ve got a great crop of players, but they might need to gel a little more before we see what they’re really capable of.

As far as Apex and Envy go I’m giving the nod to experience. Keane, Apollo, and Xpecial have all been around for a while and they’re lead by former jungler Saintvicious. He’s also been working with their jungler shrimP for a few seasons as well so this is a pretty tight knit group. They should have the edge going into things, but that’s not saying it’ll be easy. Seraph and Ninja are two great players that helped Renegades win during the relegation tournament. Though the team was eventually banned from the LCS they’ve moved on to presumably greener pastures. Now they’re joined by some more familiar LCS names in LOD, Procxin and former Renegades teammate Hakuho.

Things kick off tonight at 7 p.m. CDT and can be watched here.

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