Watch LawBreakers’ Assassin Grapple, Soar and Go Berserk

Boss Key Productions posted new gameplay footage of the Assassin class in its upcoming multiplayer shooter LawBreakers, showing off the character’s high-flying antics the developer is dubbing “killer verticality.”

Kitsune is the character on display here, one of the Assassins in the game. The video shows off her grappling hook, which can be used to latch onto any surface to propel her forward; by doing so, an Assassin player can swing around the edges of the map and cover ground very quickly, or use momentum to soar above a battle. As well, Kitsune has dual blades for up-close carnage, an energy shotgun and a berserk ability that highlights enemy locations and allows her to kill them very quickly.

I¬†played an early version of LawBreakers earlier this year and Kitsune was easily my favorite character to play, so it’s well worth checking out the gameplay footage. You can also sign up for the game’s upcoming alpha on the official site.