Dontnod’s Vampyr E3 Trailer Leaked

Needless to say there’s a significant level of interest and anticipation for Dontnod’s latest project, Vampyr and following on from a handful of screenshots and teasers as to what the team have in store, the game’s official E3 trailer has leaked just days before the big event. The new trailer showcases more of Vampyr’s bloodied combat (against both human and mythical creatures) as well as the early 20th century London setting of which the game takes place within.

Players take control of Doctor Jonathan Reid whom has only recently turned into an undead and must decide, via in-game dialogue options, which characters live and which characters die in order to satisfy Reid’s new-found vampiric thirst. Killing will allow players to level up however doing so also increases the risk of Reid losing his cover as a doctor. The developer has described the World of Vampyr as semi-open in the sense the game will be comprised of interconnecting hubs and has also stated players can finish the game without killing anyone. Vampyr is set for release on PS4, Xbox One & PC sometime in 2017. Check out the new trailer below.