The Technomancer Gets an E3 Trailer

We’ve been keeping an eye on The Technomancer for quite a while now – ever since last year’s E3, in fact – as the RPG game has to potential to quite possibly be one of this year’s sleeper hits. And now not only is the game’s June 28 release date creeping up, but so is one last chance for Focus Home Interactive to showcase the game at E3, and with that chance comes one more trailer for the game, which you can view below.

In a bit of a contrast from the detailed gameplay trailer shown a while ago, this new trailer decides to take the cinematic route, showcasing the chaotic world Mars has to offer as well as some of the characters that inhabit it, with a hint of story and – of course – the cover song that all trailers games like this feel they need for some reason. Nonetheless, The Technomancer still looks quite impressive, so here’s hoping it delivers at and after E3 when it comes out on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 later this month.