E3 2016: Arkane Studios Brings Back Prey, But With a Catch

Well, we’ve all seen the leaks and speculation right now surrounding Bethesda’s E3 conference, up to the point where we thought we could predict every game that they would show off. Prey 2 was among those games, but little of us figured that they would actually deliver it. But lo and behold, Dishonored developers Arkane Studios announced that they would be ones bringing back Prey…just not in the way that you expected.

Yes, as seen in the reveal trailer below, this new incarnation, simply titled Prey, has no real connection to the 2006 adventures of Tommy Tawodi (not that we know of yet, though), and is said to be a full re-imagining instead of a sequel, to the point where you could easily mistake it for a new IP at first. Your character is Morgan Yu, a man aboard the space station Talos 1 in the year 2032, and the subject of several morally dubious experiments to improve humanity. And when an alien force takse over and begins hunting you down, it’s up to you to fight back and get to the bottom of things.

On one hand, there is a slight disappointment in not getting a true sequel to Prey, but on the other hand, Arkane Studios looks like it’s crafting some damn fine first-person psychological sci-fi action indeed, if the reveal is any indication, so we can’t wait for it. Prey is due out in 2017 on all major platforms, and we’ll learn more when Quakecon rolls around later this year.