E3 2016: Fe Announced as the First EA Originals Game

The second Unravel was mentioned and EA Originals was announced, a lot of us cheered a little bit as we saw EA finally taking some steps towards embracing the indie game scene even further and helping smaller developers and their promising games get more exposure. Shortly after that, EA brought out Zoink Games – the developers behind the acclaimed Stick It to The Man – to help debut the first game under this new initiative, Fe.

Evoking a bit of Ori and the Blind Forest, Fe sees you controlling a young cub making their way through a mythical forest, communicating with other creatures and the world around them in a 3D platformer with a striking art style. You can see the first trailer for Fe below, and while there is no release date yet, it looks like it has a shot at being the next Unravel and a great game in general.