E3 2016: Bloober Team Gives Us a Glimpse of Observer

Layers of Fear may have have left some mixed reactions among gamers when it came out of Early Access earlier this year, but that doesn’t mean developers Bloober Team won’t stop trying to deliver us the best first-person horror experience they can in video games. As such, today they unveiled their new game, Observer, this time delving into the realm of horror with a sci-fi twist.

Set in a grim, futuristic Poland, you play as one of the titular Observers, a special police force equipped with Dream Eaters, which allow them to dig into the minds of memories of people…and the deceased, as is the setup for this game. Needless to say, the minds of the dead are rather screwed up, containing creepy creatures, dark hallways, and…um, sudden raves, if the teaser and gameplay trailers seen below are any indication. It does look intriguing indeed, so we’ll keep an eye out for any new developments concerning Observer in the coming months.