E3 2016: Minecraft Cross-Platform Play Announced

In the midst of Microsoft’s E3 2016 press conference, the major publisher and console manufacturer announced that Mojang’s massive sandbox title Minecraft would have full cross-platform play.

Starting today, Minecraft: Realms, thanks to what’s known as The Friendly Update, will be available on Windows 10 PCs. Later this year, Realms will allow Xbox Live,┬áiOS, Android and PC players to all play together thanks to dedicated servers. These dedicated servers will also allow players to host their own worlds, potentially hindering the current server system.

What’s more, GearVR players will also be able to be able to use cross-platform play, making Minecraft one of the first titles ever to allow for VR players to play with traditional gamers.

In addition to this, Minecraft: Realms will also include texture packs and additional add-ons to Pocket Edition and Windows 10, though these will not hit until this fall.

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