E3 2016: Xbox Live Upgrades: Stability, Clubs, Arena and more.

Mike Ybarra came out on stage for the Xbox Live Conference to detail the upcoming upgrades to the Xbox Live service, and while some of these include the typical stability and more localized servers, and the integration with Windows 10 getting showed off some more with the addition of Cortana, the “big” updates were the additions of Clubs, Looking For Group, and Arena on Xbox.

Clubs as you may have guessed will be similar to Communities on PS4, where like-minded folks can get together to discuss their favorite, well, anything really. In addition to this, however, Looking For Group is also coming to Xbox, which will allow people looking to team up in games to easily do just that, and Arenas will allow those same types of matches, but for players to compete with each other, in tournaments, EA Sports games and more.  Whether it be chat, co-op, or competitive interaction you’re looking for, Xbox will have it.