E3 2016: New Pokémon Revealed During Live Gameplay

During Nintendo Treehouse’s conversation with the directors of Pokémon Sun and Moon, not much was actually new. The moderator and developers talked mostly about old footage and details before live gameplay was conducted and we catch a look at a brand new creature.

We got a look at some of the new battle sequences and layouts. The bottom screen of the 3DS shows off small sprites of the Pokémon above as well as listed attacks. You can even get a brief glimpse at the wild Pokémon’s stats.

However, the big news about this playthrough is the reveal of new Pokémon, namely Yungoos. Which is described as always being hungry. Footage and images confirms it has a new ability called Stakeout. We also got a new look at the Woodpecker Pokémon named Pikipek which has finally been revealed. We know it will evolve twice as per usual with beginning Flying-types.

Then, a newly released video shows off a Bug-type Pokémon named Grubbin which wasn’t seen during the live play. It uses String Shot and will most likely evolve further. Check it out in the footage below along with more about Magearna and the recently announced Battle Royal mode.