E3 2016: New Pyre Trailer Hints At The Game’s Story

The folks at SuperGiant Games have revealed a new trailer for their upcoming game, Pyre, and it seems to hint at the conflict of the game.

In the video, we see the coach wagon that the mysterious characters of the game travel in, as it rides towards its next destination. A somewhat angry voice talks to one of the characters, warning them that their journey will not be easy. What we know of the story so far is that in the world of Pyre, reading and writing is forbidden, but that the character you play as can do both. The voiceover character warns that the secrets learned in books are dangerous, but he does not say why. It will be interesting to see what it is about the written word that makes it so scary to the people of Pyre.

We know little of Pyre’s story, but it seems it will be just as wonderful and confusing as Bastion’s and Transistor’s. The game is already just as beautiful. Watch the new trailer here:

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