E3 2016: GAMEVIL Talks Devilian, Afterpulse, More

Korea-based mobile games developer and publisher GAMEVIL are responsible for putting many enthralling mobile games on the market, including ports of PC MMOs that transfer surprisingly well to the small screen. During E3, PR and Social Media Manager Nicholas Humaciu sat me down and talked up some of the upcoming action GAMEVIL plan to field in the near future.

Firstly, GAMEVIL’s Devilian port to mobile has been a pleasant surprise, and they are topping it off with additional character updates and additions in the near future. Along with the new characters are additional character modes. These upcoming updates to the free-to-play MMO will add onto its existing character roster. To shift gears, the iOS third-person shooter Afterpulse is coming to Android with a port well in the works. Aside from that, more MMO ports are coming in along with an update to Dungeon Link with special content coming later this Summer.