Screenshot Saturday Featuring Nitronic Rush, Saber Rider, and Eleven Others

The post-E3 Screenshot Saturday could have been a calm and peaceful thing but instead it was filled with plenty of gaming excellence.  A Dreamcast and a freebie VR game, a few roguelites in differing formats, strange concepts and stranger executions, and hundreds of games that couldn’t all be fit into the list made for a rich and entertaining week.  Trimming the list down to its usual dozen shots plus bonus image took some heavy-handed editing plus a bit of willpower, but the alternative is writing about a few hundred entries so what can you do?  As usual, don’t forget to click on the animated images, because an object at rest stays at rest but an object in motion might do anything depending on how its effected by outside forces. Inertia can be a tricky beast.

She Remembered Caterpillars-  Control a set of color-coded characters to get them to one of the white exit pads.  The different colors can temporarily merge to get to blocked areas of the level, because a caterpillar that might be hostile to red might be ok with a merge blue/red character that’s now purple.  The puzzling is nice but the real weight of the game is carried by its wonderful and strange art style and themes of parent/child cooperation.

Dwarrows-  Bunnies!  Also, Dwarrows is a very pretty town-building game where you control three characters to explore their surroundings and gather resources to create a bigger, more functional refuge after their people were driven from their previous home.  Still, the important thing here is bunnies.

Morphite-  First-person low-poly mobile only metroidvania.  MetroidPrimeVania?  Whatever, the important thing is that it’s a very pretty game, and each of the planets you visit is procedurally generated.

They’re Trying to Ram Us!-  Black and white VR title that’s pay-what-you-want on, and you should get it here if you’ve got the hardware.  Accelerate/reverse and strafe with the controller, steer by looking around, and try not to get rammed by the ever-increasing amount of ships swarming about.  It’s very simple but good fun, and the use of 3D design in the cockpit and especially the instructions is very nicely done despite its minimalism.

Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs-  Side-scrolling shooter in development for a number of systems, but most notably Dreamcast.  It’s based on an old and near-forgotten 80s anime of the same name,  and it’s a space western where four heroes combine their ships to create a large mega-bot capable of winning the day at the end of the episode.  Why they didn’t combine at the start is anyone’s guess, but that’s how the Star Sheriffs roll.

Immortal Redneck-  Arcade action FPS set in ancient Egypt not starring Serious Sam Stone.  The randomized dungeons are filled with loot and perks to make each run different, and you can further customize your hero by buying abilities at the between-level skill tree.  It’s looking like a nice fast-paced blaster with all sorts of ways to die quick.

Badass Hero-  Side-scrolling shooter with roguelike elements, no more and no less.  The action is looking fast, responsive, and explosive, which is about 99% of what this kind of game needs to come off right.

Untitled Old Street Brawler-  How has this not been done before now!?

Noisetube-  Not so much a game as a VR music toy where you shoot down a tube at an appropriate speed based on the beat of the music.  The tube is randomly generated as you fly along it, and like any visualizer it’s there to give your eyes something to work on while the music fills up the rest of your brain.

VR Walk & Run-  You do want to be an anime girl, right?

Plasmoid- A metal ball flies along collecting fireflies to bring light back to the world, so of course the big monsters are made of light.  Hopefully whatever this thing is will release a bright wave of illumination on its defeat, because otherwise this light died to make a giant particle-spider.

Nitronic Rush-  The bug is how the buildings are all outlined in bright lines of color, almost like cell-shading but not quite.  It’s a style that fits the racer perfectly, if it can somehow be rendered in a way that won’t get patched out via bugfix.

Bonus Image:

Unnamed-  Somehow it just makes perfect sense to find a giant ear hanging out in the phone booth.  I’m a little concerned about who’s talking to it, though.