Tencent Purchases Clash of Clans Developer for $8.6 Billion

Clash of Clans developer Supercell has been purchased by Chinese conglomerate Tencent for a staggering $8.6 Billion, acquiring 84.3% of the company. This isn’t the first major video game company to be acquired by Tencent as a couple of years ago League of Legends developer Riot Games also reached a deal with the Chinese company.

Ilkka Paananen of Supercell stated in a blog post “this deal enables us to keep Supercell privately held. That is a better match with our small size and unique culture than being a public company where our concern would be the pressure from financial markets to think short term.”

Considering the size and profit Clash of Clans takes in on a daily basis, even going as far to be able to promote their game during the Superbowl with Liam Neeson, it’s not surprising a major force such as Tencent was looking at them.