Human Fall Flat Gets Interactive Trailer and a Launch Date

The dream world is a weird and dangerous place, unless you’re a squishy marshmallow of a human who can take as much damage as the dreamscape can dish out.  Bob keeps falling in his dreams but always picks himself back up, trying again and again to reach the exit by any mans possible.

Human Fall Flat is a game of decisions, such as whether to play by the rules and follow the obvious path or to use the versatile physics engine to come up with a ridiculous and unintended solution.  Why simply open a door when you can pile up debris to clamber over the wall, after all?  Success is measured by getting to the goal, not the method used to get there, and if the chosen path involves breaking the game in entertaining ways then all the better.

It was good fun when I got to play the preview version a few months back and now it’s just about done, with only a small, short month left before its July 22 release.

Check out the trailer below to see the options available in even a simple scenario.  Just remember, if it works then it’s a valid solution.