Shovel Knight Is Getting Two New Campaigns For Free

Shovel Knight owners will be getting two new campaigns starring two of Shovel Knight’s adversaries from the main game, completely for free.

The first will feature Specter Knight and then King Knight. Specter Knight’s special ability will be a slash attach, which can also be performed while in the air, lunging him forward. This move is called the “Dash Slash.” Specter Knight will also be able to climb walls, if only for a limited amount of time. These new abilities will likely shake up the gameplay quite a bit, just as the first additional campaign, Plague of Shadows, did with Plague Knight’s long range abilities.

There has been no word yet on what King Knight’s abilities will be, but Yacht Club Games is working on both projects at once, so expect to hear about him soon. The wait for both campaigns will be shorter than the time in between the original game and the Plague of Shadows campaign, though. The campaign featuring Plague Knight came out more than a year after Shovel Knight came out, so hopefully we’ll see Specter Knight’s campaign before the end of 2016.

Yacht Club is also working on two new game modes for the game, called Body Swap and Battle Mode. Body Swap will have players switching the gender of their character and Battle Mode will be a competitive multiplayer mode. Sadly, Battle Mode will not be available on PlayStation Vita.

More information, like when the Specter Knight and King Knight stories will be available, as well as the two new game modes, will be easy to find right here at Hardcore Gamer when they are announced.