NA LCS Summer Split Week 4 Day 1 Predictions

Week four of the NA LCS is here and unlike in week’s past there’s nothing too special about the first day of  games. Usually we have a major match happening, but this week we have some less than interesting games, but they should still be alright.

1. Team SoloMid (6-0)

2. Immortals, Team EnVy (5-1)

4. Cloud9 (4-2)

5. Liquid, Apex (3-3)

7. Counter Logic Gaming (2-4)

8. Echo Fox, NRG Esports (1-5)

10. Phoenix1 (0-6)

TSM is still in first and show no signs of slowing down either. They have an impressive streak of blowing teams out of the water in the first game and generally finish it up soon after. The only spot that might be in jeopardy is Team Liquid’s and that’s only because they’re subbing out Piglet and playing Fabbbyyy. Predicted winners are represented in bold. (Overall: 16-4)

  • CLG vs IMT
  • Liquid vs Apex

IMT haven’t had any problems taking down teams this split. Sure they’ve dropped a few games, but the end result has always been a win. The only team they’ve lost to is TSM and so far they’re playing like IMT did last split destroying teams.

Liquid have subbed out Piglet and he seems to be okay with it. He wasn’t taken out because of performance or team issues but because Fabbbyyy asked to play one game. Now he’s still out and playing with the TLA team. Last week that worked, but this time they’re playing Apex who aren’t a slouch. Apex should be able to take this one.


Things kick off tonight at 7 p.m. CDT and can be watched here.

Feel free at all times to share your thoughts in the comments below. If you think I’m a bumbling idiot then say so, but at least provide why. More importantly if you have any readability issues or know of a better way to structure things feel free to drop a comment as well.