Hyrule Warriors: Legends ‘Link’s Awakening Pack’ DLC Trailer Released

It’s been a while since the games initial release, but new content has been released pretty consistently regarding new DLC characters and skins for Hyrule Warriors: Legends.  This time, the DLC content that will grace this 3DS game will bring characters from Link’s Awakening like Marin who uses her bell to beat up her opponents in bulk and utilizes the power of water, sea, and music to summon the Wind Fish to defeat her enemies.

Linkle will also receive a new pair of boots that let’s her fight with even more power than previously thought.  Normally using her bow and arrows, these boots allow her to utilize her melee skills instead in order to take on single opponents as well as blow them away with her new ultimate move.  There will also be a new adventure mode map that will utilize new power ups with musical instruments.

This new DLC pack will launch for the 3DS on June 30!

Check out the trailer for the DLC below: