‘Official Invitation Team’ Trailer Released for The King of Fighters XIV

Even with the release date nearing, The King of Fighters XIV still has plenty of new content to show fans, especially with the new Team Official Invitation.  What differs this team from the others is simply that it contains characters that have never before appeared in a King of Fighters game.  The team consists of three brand new characters, Sylvie, Kukri, and Mian.

First is Sylvie, a former member of the NESTS organization whose body modification allows her to unleash electricity on her enemies.  Second is Kukri a mysterious figure who has the power to wield sand and can manipulate it to his advantage.  Lastly is Mian, a face-changing martial artist who utilizes graceful dances in her fighting.

The King of Fighters XIV will be available on August 23 exclusively on the Playstation 4.

Check out the trailer for these characters below: