New Artwork Revealed for I Am Setsuna

For those us who think July 19 cannot arrive soon enough, Square Enix has decided to give us a taste of their upcoming JRPG I Am Setsuna by showcasing some new artwork.  The beautiful watercolor environments can be observed on the game’s website, as well as the introduction of new characters that will join Setsuna on her adventure, including the energetic Aeterna and the reliable Nidr.

Preorder incentives have also been announced for this upcoming title inspired by the great JRPGs of yesteryear.  Preorders for the Playstation 4 will include two themes:  Kuro, meaning black for a nighttime theme, and Shiro, meaning white for a daytime theme.  Additionally, an exclusive digital track by composer Tomoki Miyoshi titled “Eternal Winter” will automatically download on release.  Steam users will receive the exclusive digital track “The Warmth of Hope.”