Detroit: Become Human’s ‘Complex’ Script is ‘Thousands and Thousands of Pages,’ Says David Cage

Quantic Dream founder and studio head David Cage has shared some interesting insight into the developer’s next project, the upcoming interactive neo-noir thriller Detroit: Become Human.

In a new video posted on the PlayStation Blog (see below), the folks over at Sony caught up with Cage following Detroit’s E3 2016 trailer.

From discussing Quantic Dream’s new engine to the reveal of Connor (the second playable android in Detroit), Cage went into detail about some of the challenges he faced in the script-writing process of Detroit, suggesting it’s a very long and “complex” story.

“Well, the script of Detroit is thousands and thousands of pages and it’s really a complex script in many ways, from the very first scene, very first second of the game, you start to see things having consequences in the scene and maybe beyond the scene,” Cage explained. “Of course, as you move on in the story, it becomes more and more complex.”

Cage also revealed that Detroit would follow a similar formula to Quantic Dream’s critically acclaimed PlayStation-exclusive Heavy Rain, where there will be separate story arcs for each character and they will end up, depending on players’ choices, intertwining for the full narrative.

“We tell different individual stories from different androids and they start as separate stories, but of course, there will be a point where they will connect and interlace and tell you the big story,” he said. “And it makes things even more complex for me as a writer, but hopefully more exciting also for the player in the end.”

Earlier this month, Cage confirmed that Detroit is about “eight to ten hours long,” citing two of Quantic Dream’s past titles — Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls — as comparisons.

Detroit was unveiled during Sony’s press conference at Paris Games Week 2015, with it continuing on the story of Kara, the android that featured in Quantic Dream’s 2012 PlayStation 3 tech demo.

Prior to this year’s E3, Quantic Dream shared an image of a motion capture session under way for Detroit.

Starring The Twilight Saga actor Valorie Curry and Jane By Design star Bryan Dechart, Detroit: Become Human will be heading exclusively to PlayStation 4.

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