Death’s Gambit Shows Off Immortal Bosses in New Trailer

Developer White Rabbit’s upcoming Dark Souls-esque 2D action-RPG Death’s Gambit has already been garnering tons of positive attention, thanks to its amazing graphics, atmosphere, and Castlevania-inspired gameplay, not to mention the massive boss battles that we’ve gotten a glimpse of. Today, however, that glimpse has now evolved into a full-on trailer showcasing the various immortal bosses you’ll be battling in the game, as you can see below.

Now you may be wondering how you can fully defeat immortal bosses, and the answer is: You don’t. These bosses will indeed come back to life, though you no longer have to fight them a second time. The temptation of battling them again to earn different items will remain, though. Plus, given how impressive they appear, with some even going to Shadow of the Colossus-style lengths, you may just want to take them on again anyway for the love of it. Tackling them all looks like it should be quite a thrill indeed, and we’ll see if it is when Death’s Gambit comes out later for the PC and PS4, courtesy of Adult Swim Games.