Ethan: Meteor Hunter Hits Xbox One with Launch Trailer

Despite the fact that Ethan: Meteor Hunter isn’t the most well-regarded title out there, it still has some pretty interesting ideas going for it. After being released on PC, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 over the past couple of years, the build-your-own-solution puzzle-platformer hits Xbox One when the store updates on July 1.

The big gameplay hook in Ethan: Meteor Hunter is that you can freeze time in the midst of a level and create your own solution to run through. While developer Seaven Studio’s claim that it’s Braid meets Super Meat Boy is a bit overblown, there’s still some fun to be had here if you’re looking for an independent release on Xbox One after beating the masterpiece that is Inside (realistically you should probably play through Inside again though, it’s that good).

Check out the launch trailer below, and stay tuned to Hardcore Gamer for the latest Xbox One news: