NIS America Details its 2016 Lineup

NISA is always up to something, and the latter half of 2016 won’t see it slow down any time soon.  It’s got five titles scheduled to come out by year’s end (plus a sixth early 2017) and while over half of that amount is scattered through September, it’s still a good lineup in a number of genres.  An updated strategy RPG, a hybrid shooter/fighter, a visual novel and even a cute but spooky survival horror game fill out the latter half of NISA’s year.

Phantom Brave lands on PC on 7/25, updating the PS2 semi-classic.  This promised to be the definitive edition, including both the new content of the Wii version it’s based on as well as the PSP’s extras. Phantom brave has been under closed beta testing with 200 testers for several months now, and it’s done a world of good in teaching NISA about the weirdness that the PC platform brings with it thanks to the many potential hardware configurations users might have.

Touhou Genso Rondo: Bullet Ballet is a cross between Senko no Ronde and the classic touhou bullet curtain shooters. Each character has her own set of bullet patterns to set loose on her opponent as they fly around an arena in a mostly top-down view. It’s basically a hybrid fighting game/shooter, complete with either local or online play and leaderboards for each character. The initial 10 characters are being joined by a new one added by community poll.

Psycho Pass: Mandatory Happiness adapts the anime to a visual novel. It’s a complete packatge, too, with no need to watch the anime thanks to full documentation of its world and characters contained within the game. It’s set in a world where all emotions are constantly recorded and every citizen has a score that rates their potential for criminal activity. The story and cases within are investigated by two rookie detectives, each with their own storyline, and multiple endings for each depending on decisions made throughout the story. It comes out 10/13, in NISA-standard regular and limited editions.

Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors is the sequel to the strange RPG where you guide a party of female delinquents through hell.  The series is notable for its Motivation system, a pervy dominance game where you discipline new skills into the party members, choosing either the S or M path to have them focus on offense or defense.

Yomawari: Night Alone is a wonderfully cute and creepy survival horror game about a young girl who’s lost her dog and sister. Setting out into the haunted town with nothing but a flashlight, she’s completely defenseless against the ghosts haunting the town. Running away and hiding are her only options, but with a little care just maybe she can avoid the very Japanese spirits and get her loved ones back. Yomowari is slated for a 10/25 release on both Vita and Steam, and its limited edition comes with htoL#NiQ: Firefly Diaries.

Touhou Gensou Wanderer is the last game on the list, coming in early 2017 for PS4 and Vita, and it’s a classic turn-based roguelike. It’s set in the Touhou universe with cameos from different characters, and can even team up with them in support roles. There’s a ton of loot available in the randomly generated dungeons, and you can either use it as-is or craft new and more powerful goodies from it, with the promise that every found item is useful in some small way.

Barring any surprises that’s a very full lineup over the coming months, and with everything getting physical and special editions it’s plenty to keep the collectors happy too. NISA has a lot of good work ahead of it, and the variety of titles being translated is a wonderfully eclectic slice of the Japanese gaming scene.