PGS Portable PC Gaming Device Hits Kickstarter

Console gamers have been used to portable gaming devices for over 25 years – but what about those who prefer to game on PCs? Outside of a laptop, there aren’t many ways to enjoy PC gaming on the go and nothing has ever been able to fit into a pocket and play PC games – until now. PGS Lab announced the PGS portable PC gaming console recently, and a Kickstarter for the device just launched.

The tiers are about what one would expect, with $10 getting you a thank you, $30 netting a t-shirt, and the actual device being available in several pricing tiers. Early birds can get the Lite version of the hardware for $230, while the Hardcore version can be yours for $260. Those who miss out will pay $280 for the Lite and $320 for the Hardcore – so it’s a nice savings for those wanting the better version of the device. At $800, you can get a version of it with a titanium case, while those wanting to own a bunch of them can buy ten Lites for $2,500 or ten Hardcore for $2,900. At $10, you will get every version of the hardware that is ever made and dinner with the PGS team.