Layers of Fear: Inheritance DLC Arrives Next Month

While we weren’t the biggest fans of Layers of Fear when we first reviewed the first-person psychedelic horror title, it showed enough promise to warrant expanding on some of its core ideas. If you were hoping for more first-person horror from Bloober Team, then you’re in luck, as Layers of Fear: Inheritance is set to release on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on August 2.

A standalone expansion that places players in the role of the Painter’s daughter, Layers of Fear: Inheritance will expand upon the original story while still giving players the same insanity that the core title was known for. Inheritance will feature an entirely new story, two distinct endings based on playstyle and an entirely new perspective on the horrifying dwellings of the insane, abusive painter.

For more information on this $4.99 downloadable expansion, check out the trailer below: