Counter-Strike Gambling Site Revealed to be Owned by YouTubers Who Promoted it

According to H3H3 Productions on YouTube, it seems Counter-Strike Youtubers TMarTn (Trevor Martin) and Pro Syndicate (Thomas Cassell) have been promoting a gambling website called CSGO Lotto on their channels without indicating any relationship or sponsorship between them, and it turns out that they actually own the website.

CSGO Lotto is a gambling website where players can put their gun skins from Counter Strike: Global Offensive on the line, and either win money, or lose it. What people don’t like about these types of sites is that the age limit is only 13, so children playing the game can be introduced to betting on skins easily. This coupled with Martin and Cassell’s combined ten million plus subscribers, makes everything look real shady. Valve has officially blocked the site, which means that players who try to link their Steam accounts to it will get a warning, although they can choose to ignore this.

The video that started all the controversy comes by way of Honor The Call, a YouTube channel known for sniffing out shady things going on in the Call of Duty YouTube community. In his video, he discusses the ownership of CSGO Lotto, and points out that as the owners of the company, Martin and Cassell have the ability to change the outcomes of gambles and could be rigging their outcomes to make their videos videos better and promote the site.

H3H3’s video explains it best, giving examples and clips showing how Martin gave no specific mention of his ownership of CSGO: Lotto, and how the two have tried to assuage their situation. At one point, H3H3 points out that disclaimers about Martin’s ownership of the website have been put on all his gambling videos, but that they were added after the Honor The Call video. Since then, all Martin’s gambling videos have been taken down.

Martin put out a video explaining himself, saying that he never actually did anything wrong. You can check that out for yourself right here. Cassell did the same, only he used Twitter, apologizing, but making sure his fans knew that he was never trying to deceive anyone.

We’ll keep you up to date on this story as it progresses.