A New Pokémon for Sun and Moon Stealthily Revealed

Pokémon fans are learning of a brand new creature revealed today. It’s name is Salandit and it sure looks to be a sneaky one. It is a Poison/Fire-type which is the first time this combination has existed. Salandit has the Corrosion ability allowing it to poison any Pokémon, even ones previously unable to be inflicted with the status condition. This will make combating it a very tricky situation as now Steel and Poison Pokémon are vulnerable. Folks use those types of Pokémon specifically to avoid being poisoned!

It has the appearance of a bandit hence the name. This is pretty appealing for a lot of reasons. One would think it would be a Dark-type but so far there is no indication of that. It will certainly learn more fitting attacks as it levels up. Perhaps an evolution is in order and will turn into a Dark-type. The official Pokémon website mentions the females being able to emit pheromones which doesn’t necessarily signal more physical differences between genders, but we’re not ruling it out. There is already a lot to speculate for this brand new addition.

The debut video below shows off some of Salandit’s moves as it faces other recently revealed Pokémon. It even faces Komala which we know as always being asleep but we did not get to see it try and be inflicted with poisoned which supposedly cannot happen. These new abilities are definitely taking things in an interesting direction.

Check out Salandit in action and check back here for more Pokémon news!