Dirt Rally’s Anticipated VR Update Launching Soon

In the beginning there was VR support in Dirt Rally and it was good.  Or at least pretty ok, but then it got busted after the 1.1 update and was removed.  That’s a problem only a few days away from being in the past, though, with VR support being officially reintegrated into the offroad rally racer in the upcoming patch.  Both the Oculus storefront and Steam get the update on July 11, according to the Codemasters blog post, turning the cockpit view from a slightly constricting camera angle into the most realistic way to play.  The Vive is rumored to be getting support at some point as well, but at the moment there’s nothing official to back this up beyond the belief it would be silly to bypass a large percentage of VR’s audience.  In the meantime, Oculus Rift owners will soon get one of the more popular racing sims fully playable from the driver’s seat, and that’s something worth getting excited about.