Episode 3 of Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV Tells the Tale of Gladiolus

Leading up to Final Fantasy XV’s release on September 30, the latest episode of Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV takes a look at Gladiolus’s backstory and how he became a part of Noctis’s life. The anime begins with the gang during the events of the game when they’re ambushed by Niflheim soliders and then proceeds into the flashback.

Gladiolus’s story is quite interesting. He was Noctis’s bodyguard when Noctis was still a child and in charge of training him for combat. His relationship with Noctis was sour. He relented the boy and found him irresponsible, but when Noctis saves Gladiolus’s little sister his attitude changes about the young prince and they start to become friends.

I found this episode to be quite charming with nothing grating or no diversion of my attention and the animation is smooth as always. These three episodes have been character focused with a lot of background info which suggests to me that perhaps we won’t get in game events like previous games that goes into the history of the party as it will be in side content such as KingsGlaive and Brotherhood.

More episodes are coming up to the Final Fantasy XV’s release on September 30. Make sure to follow Hardcore Gamer for all information regarding it.