The Lion’s Song: Episode 1: Silence Released for Free, Season Pass Priced

The Lion’s Song, a story-driven episodic point-and-click adventure title, has had its first episode, Silence, released for free, Vienna-based developer Mi’pu’mi Games announced on Thursday.

Episode 1: Silence is available for download right now on Steam, with Mi’pu’mi Games confirming that The Lion’s Song Season Pass, which includes access to the next three episodes, is priced at $9,99 (£8,99/€9,99).

Each episode of The Lion’s Song can also be purchased individually at $3.99 (£3.49/€3.99), according to Mi’pu’mi Games, with the next three episodes — Episode 2: Anthology, Episode 3: Derivation and Episode 4: Closure — set to launch throughout 2016.

The Lion’s Song has players take control of Wilma, an up-and-coming musician who is suffering from writer’s block while crafting what is believed to be her “career-defining composition.”

Arthur Caban, the university professor who invited Wilma to Vienna, Austria, after learning of her musical talent, sends the young musician to a remote cabin to seek some solace in an attempt to rekindle her flair for music.

“Will Wilma be able to finish her breakthrough composition in this small cabin, surrounded by high mountains and stormy weather?” reads the synopsis for The Lion’s Song. “In her creative crisis, Wilma suddenly has an unexpected encounter.”

The Lion’s Song has choice-and-consequence scenarios built into the narrative of the title, meaning that players are responsible for how the story progresses and how it could potentially alter due to the decisions that they’ve made.

PC users will receive episodes for The Lion’s Song first, though iOS and Android owners can expect episodes to follow soon after.

Screenshots from The Lion’s Song can be viewed below: